Prescription Pill Bottles in Bulk

Shop prescription bottles and pill bottles bulk for your pharmacy or dispensary! Our dropper bottles offer a great way to precisely dispense small quantities of medications, concentrates, tinctures, and oils. The tops come with secure push and turn closures and are child-resistant offering peace of mind for households with young children. We have 30ml glass dropper bottles that are available in blue and amber. Our selection of classic oval bottles makes a great addition to any pharmacy. They fit easily in the palm of the hand, making them easy to hold when administering medication. The narrow neck of the oval bottles helps prevent accidental spillage and is well suited for dispensing measured quantities of liquid medications. The oval bottles are available in amber, green, and blue in sizes 1 oz to 16 oz. They are 100% child-resistant, meet all CPSC Child-Resistant and Senior-Friendly requirements and meet USP “light and tight” requirements. Don’t forget to add Oral Adapters! Our regular pop top bottles – not to be confused with Philips Pop top bottles are great for both cannabis dispensaries and pharmacies. With these pop top bottles, accessing medication and cannabis products is frustration-free. The regular pop top bottles are airtight, which preserves prescription medications, cannabis, food, and other products from the damaging effects of moisture while keeping odors inside. Their tight-fitting lids prevent spills but are easy to open making them perfect for patients who struggle with other styles of lids. These pop top bottles are available in a variety of opaque and transparent colors and sizes.

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