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Reversible cap vials offer easy functionality for pharmacies

No matter whether you are shopping for home supply or pharmacy use, few containers offer the versatility of reversible cap vials. These innovative medical containers are really two products for the price of one thanks to the clever flip-able cap which, when placed in one direction, functions as a child resistant push down top, and […]

The Ever Expanding List of Cannabis Health Benefits

If you’re a marijuana consumer, you probably already know that marijuana has a number of beneficial side effects. However, despite more than twenty states legalizing marijuana for medical use and millions of dollars spent exploring its medical applications, many people still see marijuana as a recreational drug and associate it with nothing more than getting […]

How successful pharmacies fix their bottom line by paying bottom dollar

In any brick and mortar business, paying attention to day to day costs often means the difference between success and failure. Hold too much stock and you risk losing money on unsold merchandise and you miss out on other opportunities to put your money to work; hold too little stock and you risk alienating customers […]