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Childproofing Your Packaging

November is Child Safety and Protection Month

‘Childsafe’, ‘child-resistant’, or ‘childproof’, however you say it, it’s a necessity for any cannabis packaging. It’s essential that we protect the future leaders of our world, and The Vial Store holds child safety to the highest standard. Observing Child Safety and Protection Month The fight for more regulations for child safety started in the 1970s […]

Getting to know your independent pharmacist: How community pharmacists work behind the scenes to keep you safe

What a hassle! You wait for what seems like forever at the doctor’s office, only to have to wait again to pick up a prescription at your local pharmacy. While stopping at the pharmacy might seem like just another chore, there are countless ways that pharmacists keep you safe and even save you money. Picking […]

What Does Legal Recreational Marijuana in Illinois Mean for Me?

Questions about cannabis legalization in Illinois and how pharmacies should prepare. It’s official: recreational marijuana is legal in Illinois. While patients in Illinois suffering from select medical conditions, such as ALS, AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, glaucoma and more have been able to purchasemarijuana legally since 2013, most Illinois residents who don’t hold a Medical Cannabis Registry […]

Recreational Cannabis Packaging Requirements State by State

Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states, recreational marijuana is legal in 11. What are the marijuana packaging requirements in each one? Tamper-evident containers and clear warning labels are just some of the required packaging items needed for the legal sale of recreational marijuana. While medical marijuana may have been legal in California for more […]

Direct to Consumer Medical Marketing: Is it right for you?

DTC marketing increases both the demand for prescriptions and the containers needed to dispense them. “Ask your doctor”. “Side effects may include”. These are familiar refrains for anyone in America who has flipped on the TV, listened to the radio or seen a print ad in the last twenty years. Consumers in the United States […]

The Rise of Mail Order Pharmacies

It’s no secret that brick and mortar pharmacies are struggling to compete in today’s internet driven world. Without the costs associated with maintaining a physical store front, online pharmacies can focus on keeping inventory costs low and moving large amounts of product. That means that consumers can save big when shopping online. How much consumers […]

Put the power of pink in your daily health routine

Each year 200,000 Americans experience the life changing moment of being diagnosed with breast cancer. Many patients and their families undergoing this journey feel as though the world has shifted under their feet, as daily routines are altered and plans are put on hold. For those struggling with breast cancer, as well as for people […]

Higher than ever: Prescription drug expenditure continues to rise

For those in the American health industry, the summer of 2017 will long be remembered as one of uncertainty. While the future of the Affordable Care Act, and the American health care system in general, is continuously debated in Washington, individual states struggle to cope with the rising opioid epidemic, limited budgets, and an aging […]

Reversible cap vials offer easy functionality for pharmacies

No matter whether you are shopping for home supply or pharmacy use, few containers offer the versatility of reversible cap vials. These innovative medical containers are really two products for the price of one thanks to the clever flip-able cap which, when placed in one direction, functions as a child resistant push down top, and […]