Best Ideas to Keep Your Pre-Rolls Fresh

Best Ideas to Keep Your Pre-Rolls Fresh

Best Ideas to Keep Your Pre-Rolls Fresh

While a lot of people own their own cannabis farm, there are those who go to some nearby store to get some. But what is common in both cases is the need to preserve it so as to maintain its quality. It doesn’t matter if you roll a joint yourself or get a pre-rolled joint, it has to be kept fresh for you to make use of it whenever required.

It is important to keep your pre-roll in an airtight container so that it does not go stale. If it is kept out, then it might lose its smell and taste. It is also necessary to keep them away from moisture, or the marijuana inside would dry up.

What will happen if it is not fresh?

If you have not kept your pre-roll in an airtight container, it will lose its freshness within days. When you use it later, you might realize that the pre-roll hits you harder as the marijuana inside has completely dried up. Your pre-roll may also burn faster and get over quickly. You might also find moulds growing inside your pre-roll and in that case, you should not use it.

How to keep your pre-rolls fresh and safe?

  1. Pre-roll Tubes: It is made so as to store the standard or cone-shaped cannabis pre-roll. It comes with a child-resistant lid and is designed to preserve freshness, lengthens potency, and protect the pre-roll from rough handling. It is easy to open and use and has a child-resistant Their low cost makes them economical and readily available for anyone who wishes to keep their joints fresh and last longer on the store shelf. They are typically smell-proof too, keeping the smell contained inside the tube.
  1. Air tight bottles: If you are not really bothered about physical appearance of the storage unit, any air tight bottle or jar should do the job for you. However, pop top bottles are known to have an appealing outer appearance and looks good on any shelf. They come in different colors too. If you need to store a large number of pre-rolls, glass jars could be the best available option. In fact, you can also place a moisture pack inside the glass jar along with pre-rolls for storing them for a longer period of time. Large oval bottles might also do the job for you.
  1. Zip Bag: Ziploc bags are a traditional way of storing rolls and they do have their disadvantages. While they are airtight and will protect your joints from moisture, they cannot protect your rolls from accidental damage or physical pressure. Moreover, as they are made up of plastic, a half-burnt joint might burn through the storage and hence they need to be handled carefully. On the other hand, they are cheap and does provide way to keep joints fresh when stored away at home.
  1. Pill Bottles: Pill bottles or prescription vials make an easy and effective form of storage for rolled joints. While most of them are small in size, but they do offer enough space to fit small joints. In fact, those that are partly smoked can also be placed securely in a pill bottle. They keep out moisture and preserve your joints for as long as you wish. The best use of prescription vials is that they are ideal for transporting because of the hard-protective layer, which prevents the contents from getting physically damaged. With prescription vials wholesale offer, they can be bought in bulk and cheap.
  1. Cigar Tube: A used cigar tube could be an innovative storage option for your pre-rolled joint. Similar to a pre-roll tube, most cigar tubes provide an airtight lid to protect joints from moisture. Their hard case also provides accidental damage protection up to a certain extent. Moreover, they are large enough to fit several joints inside. The only downside is that there is a possibility that your joint ends up smelling like a cigar.

Preserve your quality joints

Ever disgusted over the fact that you left your joint in your drawer and ended up smoking it after a month only to realize that you should have stored it in a better place. Well, it’s not too late to rectify your mistakes, select whichever option that is suitable and convenient for you, but make sure you keep your rolls fresh and ready to use anytime.

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